If you are a garageband.com member, I would love to include your alternate band website/s here on "Where's The Band?"

I will list up to three per band, for example: your regular website, your IUMA page, and your CD baby page, or any combination of band websites.

All you have to do is to look around the site, and decide what genres here you would like me to include your sites in,
and then send an email to:

with your garageband artist page URL
your website URL/s
and the genres I have on here that you'd like me to list them in

If you are a reviewer on garageband.com, but you dont have your band registered there, you may substitute your screen name for the garageband.com artist page URL. 
I can use this for the name link in this directory.

If you aren't a garageband.com member yet,
please feel free to come and join the greatest music
site on the entire internet for independent musicians:

Thank you all!!